Learning: Machines, Brains & Children

What can babies teach us about how machines can learn?

What can machines teach us about how babies learn?

Watch the video to find out!

CAML/IIS/EAR Seminar (seminar will resume Spring 2020)

Meets 4:00 on Thursdays at 1106 Luddy

  • OneZero, a Medium publication about tech and science, interviewed Linda Smith for her input in a story written by Elizabeth Preston entitled 'Baby Headcams Reveal the World That Infants Actually See'.

  • Listen to Linda Smith's CVPR 2020 Embodied AI Workshop Talk via youtube link.

  • Linda Smith discusses 'Common sense and the visual experiences of toddlers' at the CVPR 2020 Workshop on June 15th. Find it here.

  • Linda Smith converses about 'Sight, sounds, hands: Learning object names from the infant point of view', recorded for the CVPR Sight and Sound 2020 workshop. Listen to it here.

  • Linda Smith talks with Cody Kommers on his podcast talk show, Cognitive Revolution. The episode is entitled #9: Linda B. Smith on Making the Best Local Decisions. Here is the iTunes link.

  • Starting in January, 2020, a third full-time faculty has been hired by the EAR initiative. Currently a postdoctoral fellow at Boston University, Dr. Zoran Tiganj, will join the faculty in Computer Science and also Program in Neuroscience and Program in Cognitive Science.

  • WELCOME to Dr. Justin Wood, a second new hire by the EAR initiative, joined the faculty, Fall of 2019, in Informatics, and also Cognitive Science and Pscyhological and Brain Sciences.

  • Linda Smith has been elected a member of the National Academy of Sciences in recognition of her distinguished and continuing achievements in pioneering research work. She is the first woman at IU to be named to the academy since Elinor Ostrom received the honor in 2001.

  • Year 3 - The 2019 Emerging Area of Research workshop on How systems learn, change, and self-organize: Insights from network science will be held on the IU campus on May 17-18, 2019. A program, registration and poster submission can be found HERE!

  • Congratulations Linda Smith, winner of the 2019 Norman Anderson Lifetime Achievement Award from the Society of Experimental Psychologists -- one of the most distinguished societies of psychology. Read about it HERE!

  • Linda Smith, March 2019, was invited to speak and consult at Google Deepmind in London on how principles of learning from infants may yield new approaches to machine learning that solve current limitations.

  • Researchers are looking to psychology to help develop the next generation of AI machines. Read Linda Smith's response to this topic in the APA, Monitor on Psychology, article entitled, 'Making a thinking machine'.

  • Karin James has been awarded the Research Equipment Fund for her proposal entitled 'Eye tracking during learning in developmental populations'.

  • In Fall 2018, EAR team (led by Richard Betzel) founded the new Computational Neuroimaging Journal Club. See Events page.

  • Tyler Marghetis, an EAR supported post-doc, received the prestigious Omidyar fellowship at the Santa Fe Institute. Sumarga Suanda, EAR supported post doc and now assistant professor at University of Connecticut, received a prestigious John S. McDonnell Foundation Human Scholar Award.

  • Ear supported post doc, Sven Bambach, with EAR faculty Crandall, Smith and Yu presented a paper (published in the proceedings) of Neurips (formally NIPS), the most prestigious forum for computational advances on learning: Bambach, S., Crandall, D. J., Smith, L. B. & Yu, C. (2018) Toddler-Inspired Visual Object Learning. Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 31.

  • David Crandall co-organized, The Third International Workshop on Egocentric Perception, Interaction and Computing, held in Munich, Germany, on September 9th, 2018.

  • PhD student, Lindsey Kitchell, working in the lab of Dr. Franco Pestilli, focuses on developing methods of examining the morphology (or shape) of the brain's white matter tracts. Read about it here.

  • David Crandall and Chen Yu are organizing a workshop at ICDL: ICDL-Epirob Workshop on Active Vision, Attention and Learning, on September 17th, 2018 in Tokyo, Japan.

  • WELCOME to Dr. Richard Betzel, newly hired by the EAR initiative and conducting his research in the Department of Pscyhological and Brain Sciences and Cognitive Science Program.

  • David Crandall gave a keynote talk on "Studying visual learning in children using computer vision" at the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Workshop on Mutual Benefits of Cognitive and Computer Vision in Salt Lake City in June 2018.

  • IU hosts cutting-edge conference at the crossroads of human and machine learning. Read about it here.

  • Our local PBS show, IU Matters, recently interviewed David Crandall, Selma Sabanovic and Chris Raphael on their work with robots and artificial intelligence and learning at IU. View the video here.

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